20 Movies, Shows, and Other Bits of Media I Loved in 2020

Andrea Blythe
10 min readJan 1, 2021

With 2020 being a complete wreck of a year, entertainment—whether in books or on screen—have been a balm, providing a valuable form of escape during tough days. So, here are some of the movies, shows, and other media that helped me make it through the year.


Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

Following a final breakup with the Joker, Harley Quinn finds herself in a sticky situation as folks start to come out of the woodwork to kill her. At the same time a number of other women in Gotham are also fighting their own battles, with the group eventually coming together to battle a deadly enemy. Harley Quinn is a delightfully chaotic asshole of a character, and she’s given full reign to shine in this movie, which is action packed with killer fight sequences and as quirky and fun as Harley herself.

Little Women

Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of Little Women anchors the March sisters’ adventures in a beautiful, grounded reflection of humanity. The choice to shift back and forth between the past and present brings additional weight to each scene, as we see how the moments impact each other. In particular, I was drawn to Saoirse Ronan’s portrayal of Jo March, a character I’ve always resonated with. Combined with the excellent writing, Ronan expresses Jo’s passion for writing and independence, while also evoking the complex feelings of loneliness that sometimes come with that freedom.


I found Midsommar to be a captivating film, hinging on the weight of a loss and grief so intense it can crush a person under its weight. After experiencing the terrible loss of her family, Dani (Florence Pugh) joins her boyfriend and his friends on a summer trip to Sweden to participate in mid-summer celebrations at a commune. Bright vibrant pastels infuse the scenes with a dreamy quality, managing to be achingly beautiful while carrying a constant ever present sense of unease that grows to become increasingly terrifying. Pugh’s…

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